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Bienvenue chez MICHAB, où chaque meuble mérite une protection stylée. Découvrez notre sélection de housses pour canapé et chaise, alliant élégance et praticité. Transformez votre intérieur dès aujourd'hui !
Découvrez MICHAB, où chaque meuble est protégé avec style. Explorez notre gamme de housses pour canapé et chaise, mariant élégance et praticité. Transformez votre intérieur dès maintenant !


MICHAB is an online store for trendy and quality sofa covers, offering a wide selection for all styles and sizes of furniture.


MICHAB 's mission is to protect and enhance sofas, transforming living spaces into havens of relaxation with quality covers, combining charm and durability.


MICHAB 's main value is its commitment to customer satisfaction, with quality products, dedicated service and a secure shopping experience.

At MICHAB , we believe that every piece of furniture deserves to be protected with style. That's why we've put together an exquisite selection of sofa and chair covers, designed to provide both beauty and functionality to your home. Whether you're looking for protection against stains and damage or simply want to give your furniture a facelift, our collection will meet all your needs. With premium materials and stylish designs, our covers are the ideal choice for those seeking the perfect blend of comfort and style. Browse our range today and discover how our covers can transform your living space into a sanctuary of beauty and comfort.

  • Protect Your Furniture with Elegance

In a world where every detail counts, your furniture deserves the best protection.

  • Unparalleled Quality

Our covers are carefully crafted from the finest materials to ensure exceptional durability and impeccable appearance.

  • A Style That Suits You

Express your unique style with our wide range of designs and colors, designed to suit every taste and decor.

  • Comfort Without Compromise

Our covers not only provide reliable protection, but also superior comfort for the most enjoyable seating experience.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Enjoy hassle-free living with our easy-care, machine-washable covers for long-lasting freshness.

  • Make the good choice

Transform your interior with our premium quality covers, synonymous with elegance, comfort and peace of mind.

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